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A Military Tribute | Against the Opposition

Isaiah 2:4b and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

There are few today who do not have a loved one serving in a theater overseas, or know of someone who has a loved one that is serving, whether it be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Whether our stand is against the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or whether we believe the war is a necessity to protect our own freedoms, the fact remains our young men and women are standing in defense of our nation and the principles of freedom on which this country was founded, and many are making the ultimate sacrifice.

These young men and women leave spouses, children, parents and other loved ones, to travel to a distant land and a different culture, to perform the duties for which they are so aptly trained. They leave not knowing if they will ultimately return, but they leave wearing their uniforms proudly and are eager to serve their country to the best of their ability.

We that remain at home have tremendous opportunity to show support, both for the men and women in uniform and for the families left behind. Each one of us is probably familiar with tying a yellow ribbon in our tree awaiting the return of our loved one, or sending a care package overseas to someone stationed in one of these theaters. As the mom of a soldier I have learned the importance of supporting both the soldier and the family when one is deployed.

But above all, I have learned the comfort of prayer. Often I must steal away to be alone with God, in my closet, or take a long drive, anyplace to be able to offer my prayers for the soldiers for protection and safety, to ask that angels surround each one in uniform, to give our leaders wisdom in these troubled times, and to grant each one God’s speed in their return from the theater. I believe these prayers are received as a sweet smelling savour unto God. Many times when anxious thoughts are crowding in, when fear is trying to gain a foothold, prayer is our salvation, because only God knows the extent of the true opposition our soldiers are up against, only God is aware of the unseen dangers and pitfalls they face each day.

Poetry in Support

Call To Duty

Your brother’s gone across the seas

into the danger zone

But of a surety I know

he does not walk alone

You stand beside him day and night

and sweetly call his name

Your presence strong, though glorified,

as call to duty came

He cannot see your loving face

or feel your tender touch

But I know he can sense you near

and loves you oh so much

So thank you, Kev, for being there

with angels standing near

To watch out for your brother

and to chase away the fear

I have two champions,

two warriors brave

And I am proud of these gifts

God gave

He chose me as your mom

and friend

So with thankfulness

this note I send

For though you have a home

in heaven

I know you’re by your brother,


And the bond is surging,

flowing strong

And you’ll be brothers

eternity long

Simply Being You

My precious son, I’m proud of you

for all that you’ve become

A man of courage, tried and true,

and now you’re Army Strong

I’m proud each time I hear you speak,

I sense compassion there

I’m proud to gaze into your face

and see a man that’s rare

I long to hold you close to me

and feel your warmth and love

To tell you that you’ve always been

a Gift from God above

I’m also proud to be your mom,

to share this life with you

But most of all I’m proud of you

for simply being you

One Man

“One man am I,” said he to thy Father.

“What difference can I make, why bother?”

“I go off to fight, my duty calls…

My heart leads me forward, but yet my mind stalls…”

“I face the possibility of never returning.

Have I lived a complete life? This question is burning…”

“Each night as I lay in bed, I pray the Lord my soul to keep

Memories run through my head, and I begin to weep…”

“Are these what I remember, a love once had

Christmas in December, missing it bad…?”

“I fight all the frustration of being alone

Pride and dedication is to what I atone…”

“I’ll go on till the end, I’ll defend her true

Old Glory’s colors I send, the red, white and blue…”

“Love one another and make peace,

this war will not end until all wars cease…”

“Is what I face ahead really worth the risk?

For America to lie in its bed and feel freedom, without a miss…”

“For all I love and care about, to remain free

And without a doubt, peace for all to see…”

“Lord it’s hard at night as I lay in my rack

I may come to you in this fight as I’m dying on my back.”

“Please Lord, let them know I care

The thought of leaving them is too much to bear…”

“Why me, why must I go? If I must I can

But my fear does grow, I am but one man…”

Then the Lord spoke unto him: “Don’t be frightened my son, Your faith shall prevail

and all will be done, as all shall be well…”

“You can make a difference, upon them my light shall fall

Remove the evil blemish, and heed my call…”

“You are but one man,

One man that can…”

Sean Pittman (age 18)

VAW-116 U.S.S. Ranger

The Persian Gulf

January 17, 1991

(written during the launching of the second wave to Iraq)

My Soldier, My Son

My firstborn son, I loved you so

as anxiously I watched you grow

Through toddler years you brought such joy

as next I looked a fine young boy

Strong willed and stubborn along the way

but caring and loving was always your stay

Into the teens your character strong

began to blossom to last your life long

You were charming and funny and always the ham

when next I looked a handsome young man

Then husband, then father, and out on your own

and I couldn’t believe that my baby was grown

But still I recall that day at my feet

you told me a Soldier was what you’d soon be

As a mom I was angry, worried and fearful

and though you assured me, could only be tearful

But now as a Soldier our roles are reversed

you’ve taught me the things that I should have known first

Your selfless service when each duty calls

your true sacrifice, you give it your all

You serve your country with strength and with pride

and anything negative you keep tucked inside

You’ve taught me new values and how to have fun

live life to the fullest, my Soldier, my son

And I’ll not forget that day when we parted

when you said, “Don’t worry”, new strength it imparted

For my way was always to hold on too tight

to worry and fret each day and each night

But I watched you leave with a smile, walking tall

and my heart swelled with pride, now I’m giving my all

To show support for you and for others

your buddies, your comrades, in arms now your brothers

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