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Testimonial - “Your articles are so warming. I feel so whole after reading them. Thanks for the special touch” - Larry Baird

Every article that I write is a sweet-smelling, savory mixture of man’s struggle with life’s issues and God’s unfailing love and mercy, heaping with a good measure of God’s glorious grace that so few can adequately explain, and tempered with a quiet submission in faith knowing God is able when man is not. I write words of inspiration, words of encouragement, hopefully words that move the soul to action, or give pause for thought to consider one's situation and circumstances, pondering where one is in life and where one is going. For we may stumble through life at times and feel lost and alone, but then God reveals Himself to us, and most often in quite unexpected ways. Just when we think we might have crossed some imaginary line, when we think God can’t redeem the mess we’ve made of our lives, He shows up in the smile of a friend, inspiring words and acts of kindness from another, the hug we’ve so longed for from a loved one, or perhaps a helping hand being extended from a total stranger.

We trust when we don't understand. We stand believing when the way seems impossible for God is always faithful and always on time, that being His time of course. Yes, so many of us question His timing. We wonder why He wasn’t there sooner? But to everything there is a season, like seedtime and harvest, and when the way is not clear we must wait. His word says “Be still and know that I am God”, (Psalm 46:10a, KJV) and so we wait. His way will always serve us best.

Believe in Yourself

Each one of us has unique gifts and callings. Individually and singularly God has deposited a destiny inside of us that can only be reached if we believe it and receive it ...I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Read more.

A Military Tribute

A Military Tribute dedicated to the brave men and women deployed in harms way, standing in defense of our nation and the principles of freedom on which this country was founded, and many are making the ultimate sacrifice. Read more.

No Excuses Needed

In the spiritual journey with all of its twists and turns we must remain honest before God...He is not deterred by our failures and shortcomings, our confusion and brokenness.  Rather He stands ready to assist, to heal...  Read more.

An Attitude of Prayer

Maintain an attitude of prayer in your heart and let that peace and tranquility settle in and bring calmness to your daily life. Begin to rejoice in the gift of another day.  Read more.

Soaring as Eagles

Rest on the winds’ currents and let Him lead for in so doing your perception of life and what’s important will definitely be changed, all for your good, and all to the glory of God.  Read more.

Lift up your Countenance

May these words of inspiration encourage you and bless you this day. Take time to drink from His well for scripture says in doing so you will never thirst again.  Read more.

Celebrate your Uniqueness

What is unique to you is a beautiful gift from God. He celebrates your uniqueness for He knew you even in your mother's womb and He is even now carrying you to your old age.  Read more.

The Love Walk

...build a bridge to the people that are lost or difficult in your life by just loving them in spite of circumstances ...honoring God with your life, your words, the very essence of who you are.  Read more.

The Fall into Grace

The promises in scripture are in essence words of inspiration, words to motivate you to trust in Him and deliver you from the deepest of pits. He is not only willing and able…  Read more.

Let Not your Heart be Troubled

Not to be overcome by fear and adversity; words of inspiration will empower you to rise up and walk in faith and victory, knowing God is for you and not against you.  Read more.

Eye Hath Not Seen

...may these words of inspiration gleaned from the word of God encourage you today to trust God and know that as His child He will never leave you or forsake you. He is acutely aware of your needs...  Read more.

Sowing in Peace

Consider the words of inspiration in the following: Psalms 85:8-13 – I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints…  Read more.

A Servant’s Heart

Our most holy faith becomes a powerful combination… words of inspiration open new avenues of faith and trust…the courage to experience before  Read more.

The Grace of Forgiveness

words of inspiration and words of encouragement minister a word to your heart today to reach out and forgive anyone and everyone, for in so doing you release…  Read more.

The Greatest of These is Love

to give hope to the hopeless through these words of inspiration….these words of encouragement would literally lift up anyone that has given up on  Read more.

The Maladies of Fear and Worry

What words of encouragement to overcome fear and worry. What words of inspiration to the fearful soul, full of the promise.  Read more.

Measuring Up

The words of inspiration in this article are for anyone questioning their life and circumstances now. These words of encouragement are to awaken your heart to a greater purpose, a new and lasting purpose. Read more.

On Grace and Glory

What words of encouragement, what words of inspiration to any man… Grace is always a second chance. Grace is always a positive response in an otherwise negative situation. Read more.

Grief and Loss of a Child

A personal testimony on the loss of a child and God's sustaining grace.  May these words of encouragement help you in some way during your time of the loss of a child, or the grieving process in any form Read more.

Thou Shalt be Saved

These words of inspiration reach the deepest part of your understanding and these words of encouragement awaken in your heart and spirit a desire to know Him and...  Read more.

The Patience Race Part I

Words of inspiration are falling on a heart…that these words of encouragement will bless anyone reading with the motivation to let go of your struggles  Read more.

The Patience Race Part II

Words of inspiration are written with words of encouragement to hold on and keep the faith in the face of any...  Read more.

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