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Soaring as Eagles

Waiting on God

1 Corinthians 2:12 – Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

The snares of the enemy will be so known to thee and discerned, the way of help so manifest and easy, that their strength will be broken, and the poor entangled bird will fly away singing, from the nets and entanglements of the fowler; and praises will spring up, and great love in thy heart to the Forgiver and Redeemer. - I. PENINGTON. (From Daily Strength for Daily Needs compiled by Mary W. Tileston)

Dear Friend – In the abyss of disappointment hide numerous gifts, untold blessings waiting to be revealed, that God is just waiting to shower upon the child that is trusting Him for help and deliverance. It is hard to be patient in the midst of suffering and pain. It is hard to wait on God, getting only brief glimpses of what life would be like if His help was more immediate, and in one’s estimation, more timely. But it is in the darkness that the soul truly finds it’s way. It is in times of uncertainty that man discovers the truest needs of the spirit, the real meaning of the desperate cries of the soul. For God in all His glory has not forsaken at this time but is very much at work in the life in turmoil. When things around us seem only dark and foreboding it may seem as if we have lost our grip, somehow gotten lost in the shuffle of trying to find the “right way” and trying to keep the head above water. Perhaps the weariness of the soul is God’s cry to us to stop our efforts, just stand still and look to Him. After all, we often try to do His job anyway so His words to us become, “Be still and know”. Be still and know that He is God and we’re not. Be still and believe that His way is best, and even though it may seem hopeless, with God it is always full of life, light and Love. We just have to let it be that.

The above scripture says we will renew our strength if we wait on God. Consider running and not getting weary, walking and not fainting under the stress of it all. And best of all to soar with the eagles. Eagles are not afraid of heights. The higher they go the greater they soar. And to just open your wings and ride every wind current with no effort seems pretty inviting in an exhausted condition. Eagles are not soaring the heights of heaven by expending all their energy on flapping the wings and trying to stay aloft. No eagles trust the wind to carry them wherever it will. And by the same token, God doesn’t want us to work so hard at staying aloft either. For God wants to take us to heights we never dreamed of, higher and higher with Him in our life and circumstances. He longs to see our spirit soar unafraid, knowing He’s taking us to the place where only dreams reside. Scripture says the clouds are the dust of His feet so we can be assured He’s there guiding the wind keeping us aloft without wearing ourselves out.

He is ever inviting us to come up higher, higher thoughts, higher ways, for there is so much of life we don’t experience as we are ever shrinking back in fear or settling for so little, trying to stay in a comfort zone but at the same time asking, “is this all there is?” And all the while, He invites us to go deeper and deeper into the things of Christ, not looking back, but pressing forward, knowing there is an abundance of beauty to reveal to us, beautiful situations, a beautiful spirit, strong and victorious. Beloved, there is so much life to experience, so many that need to know, so many opportunities to not only soar ourselves but to live such an example we see others around us begin to soar as well.

Yes, there should be no fear of heights with God for He prepares us for the journey. All we need to experience these infinite heights is trust. Hold His hand for He longs to take us to places of joy unspeakable and full of glory. His desire is a life of victory, exceeding abundantly above all we could have ever asked or thought. While we are busy concentrating on survival, God is busy concentrating on the next level with Him, the higher and higher experience while the soul is going deeper and deeper into His love and tender mercies.

In the life experience a deep and abiding faith and trust in God will take us farther than we could have ever gotten on our own. This deep and abiding faith and trust should be at work even in the dark night of the soul. Trusting God is above all in the pit or on the pinnacle. In a pit of despair or on the pinnacle of success, trust is key. Rather than expend so much energy on getting to the top and being too exhausted when we get there to even enjoy it, let God. Why do we drive ourselves to exhaustion when God says there is a rest to the people of God? God-given aspirations and motivation are also at His bidding and timing. His word will not return to Him void so as His children we can trust Him to bring about His best for us in His time. How He loves us and how much bigger He is, how much stronger, able and willing, than our finite minds comprehend most times.

Beloved now is the time to trust Him. The abyss of disappointment is only for a season. This too shall pass and when it does there will be a season of rejoicing, a time of reflection on where we’ve been, how far He’s brought us, and a great anticipation for where He’s taking us. Instead of moaning and complaining in the seeming harshness, take time to get to know Him in a more intimate way. Knowing in the heart that God is in control and allowing the heart to be soft and pliable in His hands is a glorious experience. Instead of asking Him why, thank Him for His love and care, His mercy and His grace, the gift of His Son to save us and redeem us back to Him. He will ultimately reveal Himself to you. Life will begin to make sense.

So rise up today, friends, in a fearless determination to soar with Him as high as He desires to take you. Rest on the winds’ currents and let Him lead for in so doing your perception of life and what’s important will definitely be changed and praises will spring out, all for your good, and all to the glory of God.

May God truly bless you this day and every day.

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